Mike Ryan


Mike is your local ITEX representative, servicing this area. Our focus is to help you generate sales and make purchases in our marketplace. It's like having an extra, highly experienced, full time employee whose only purpose is to help you sell your goods or services to other ITEX members, and to find you goods and services on which to use your ITEX dollars! When you use ITEX dollars instead of cash, you have more cash to spend on growing your business. He is a dedicated broker and has very aggressive goals for his franchise. I have been an ITEX franchisee since December 2002 and love doing what I do. It's great working with a company that has the largest community of business owners in North America creating the largest cashless marketplace. Mike has served many years on the ITEX Brokers Association Board of Directors as President, Vice President, Eastern Rep., Central Rep., as well as Chairperson of the Ethics and By-Laws Committees.